Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Summer Projects.

The addition of a horse to our family has changed my schedule quite a bit. Instead of going to the stables once a week for lessons and maybe a second time to excercise a horse for somebody, we are there 6 or 7 days a week for lessons, riding and work ( to help with the costs of board). I'm gradually getting used to the new schedule - I have been able to read a book I have to review as I was sitting around for the last week - but it is still hard to feel up to stitching in the evening when it is so hot and humid here, even with air conditioning! But I've managed to get some time to work on things this summer and the Pamela Darney sampler I started in my previous post is now done, including the framing. It is a birthday/anniversary sampler for my husband and I.
I purchased the canvas for this bookmark at The Stitching Studio, a new shop in town, and the only LNS nearby. The owner is in my EGA group and she is very nice and helpful. I actually went in because there was a Facebook post that they were going to carry Gloriana silks, but they weren't in yet. Instead, I encountered the new canvas work! Just like with cross-stitch, things have changed since I started stitching as a child ( of course it has been 40 years, what was I thinking).
Anyway, there were so many beautiful canvases and threads it was hard to decide. What I finally decided on was a bookmark, I think a Whimsy & Grace painted canvas but I've cut off the name. Don't blame the designers for the colours though because I saw a new cotton floss, at least new to me, in overdyed colours that I had to try. I used Sullivans floss, which has comparable DMC numbers right on the label. What is really fun is the overdyed colours have fun names like Blazing Bonfire (the orange flower to the right) or Rainbow Sherbert (the orange and pink flower to the left). Sorry, I can't resist a good name or a romantic classical music CD cover (not always a good idea with music, but you can see the colour so that is okay). The Sullivans floss seems a bit rougher than DMC floss, which isn't really a problem on canvas or aida cloth, but it could be an issue on fine linens. But there is a huge array of colours so it is worth a try if you see some. This isn't really a finish yet, because I need to put on the backing, but in this heat, the thought of the iron is too much for me.

My final project for July is the latest Needlework Nibble from Thistle Threads. This Tulip Slip was lovely to work and went much faster than I expected. Of course, now I have to cut it out and mount it on the silk velvet, but at least I've done this much.
The coif project for Agecroft Hall is moving ahead. Check out the Gentle Pursuits blog for our visit to Agecroft Hall with the coif. There will be an embroidery exhibit at Agecroft Hall in the fall to coincide with the Mid-Atlantic Region EGA meeting being held in Richmond in October. The coif and some of the practice motifs will be on display. More on that as soon as I know the dates. There is also a lovely sweet bag made by Catherine Jordan, and a blackwork handkerchief by Jean Connelley that will be donated to Agecroft Hall for their interpreters. The Director joked that he would need to have a special dress made to go with the coif. It is so great that they appreciate what out group is doing.