Thursday, April 05, 2007

TAST 14 Bonnet Stitch

I had such fun doing this! I started with a couple of lines of the stitch to figure it out, but then realized that it looked very different depending on spacing and height and thread. As I thought about it, I realized that the closely spaced, short stitch looked like a rock path, and of course I thought gardens. I guess cleaning out the pond in the back yard made me thing pond - my pond is not that blue though. After the rounds of blue, brown and green, I did individual bonnet stitches for the flowers. I was going to just do French knots, but decided to try the bonnet stitch since I'm trying to only use the stitch of the week. It turns out they look a bit like tulips! Then of course, I realized that in orange the individual stitches could look like fish.


Elizabeth said...

Very nice! I love the tulips, what a great idea.

crazy quilt susan said...

This is great. It really feels like a garden pond.

Doreen G said...

How clever towork this design.
I like it