Tuesday, July 31, 2007

TAST 31 Cast On Stitch

This was so much fun! I started thinking I'd do a pink flower but the first petal reminded me of a worm so I went with it. In keeping with my personal challenge, the dirt, beak and bird feathers are also cast on stitch. The eye is a French knot.
I did notice with this stitch that I had to be careful of twists. If I cast on lots of stitches it was hard to keep things straight - although sometimes I let it twist, like the worm. I regularly let my thread hang to keep the twist out.


Christine said...

That's what I call a creative sample Margaret !! I love the little pink worm so much, I think I'll have to have a go at this stitch too over the weekend.
Hooroo, Christine (missmuffettwo)

Vivian said...

humorous and creative!

neki desu said...

wow!! great sample.

neki desu