Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another book I must have

I have a great weakness for embroidery books. And I love natural looking techniques. So I was thrilled when a while back somebody mentioned Jane Hall (sorry I can't remember who) and I recently bought her book - which is a dream. I've told my husband the best thing he can give me for Christmas is permission to purchase lots and lots of silk and organza and silk dyes.

Today, I was looking for a seahorse Assisi pattern, which I found, but then I followed a photo to an Argentinian embroidery blog, and as I'm looking through I see the cover of a book that I know I must get by Gary Hall - here is his art gallery

This is why I don't web surf very often - too much of interest! Now I must get of the computer and go make brownies and cookies for a pot luck at work tomorrow.

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Lelia said...

Aren't books tempting to buy??? I swear I'd have a whole house full of stitching [etc] books if I had tons of $$$$$ : )