Friday, January 30, 2009

Terribly cute post

I finally came up with something to complement my woven baby blanket, which is a good thing since the twins are due any day now.

I tried to knit a blanket back in December but my heart was never in it.  I don't mind knitting, but I don't love it, and the knitting never really took off.  Then one day I was in Michael's with a 50% off coupon and I saw some baby afghan cloth for cross-stitching on and it was perfect.  I went through my various pattern books and pulled out 8 designs.  I simplified the colours and changed a couple of things - a zebra pattern became a horse motif.  I had lots of fun, and finished fairly quickly, so now the blankets are ready to send to Canada.

Here is the blanket:
And here are all the motifs close up:

I did make a really lovely ornament for exchange at my EGA chapter holiday luncheon back in December, but forgot to take a photo.  It was our Gentle Pursuits hand logo, with holly and mistletoe at the wrist, holding an angel charm - like a hand ready to trim a tree.  But I didn't take a photo so you'll have to take my word for it. 

I have a couple of things my daughters have done to show you soon.  Some excellent needle felting and a science fair project testing the colour-fastness of food dyes on wool - which should be of interest to those of you thinking of doing your own dyeing at home.

And I'm the recipient of a Pay-It-Forward project, so I'll write more when the package arrives and I decide on what and how I will send on to others who want to participate.


Jenny said...

That blanket is so cute!

Di Pais said...

Hi Margaret - I found your blog! The blanket looks so very nice and so is everything else on here.

Doris said...

cute cute!!