Wednesday, September 02, 2009

A Happy Mistake

A few posts back I showed the horse DD the elder drew for me to stitch for the top of another satin box. I used a nice chestnut silk I had in a few shades to give some dimension. I used the lightest to make the mane and tail using Turkey work, but then I had to stiffen the threads in some way to get them to go the way I wanted. Instead of looking in a book or checking the Internet for suggestions, I decided to make my own mistakes. I used hair products, reasoning that silk was protein like hair. So I sprayed a curl enhancer on, since it stiffens my hair. But, it was very wet and of course the colours in the silk bled all over the fabric. BUT, that was okay. It toned down the colour, which I wasn't completely happy with, and now the white fabric doesn't show at the edges after I cut the horse out. The curl enhancer didn't really hold the threads either, so I used hair spray in the end! So here is the satin box finished - only 4 more to make!

If it is the beginning of the month, there must be more geckos. Here is 6 - only one egg in this clutch. I've taken the photo with my new macro lens, but it is hard to work with a squirming animal.
This is the father Norbert. He has grown quite large - probably over 8 inches now.


Elmsley Rose said...

My cats catch little lizards that drop their tails in fear/as a distraction.

I always try to rescue them and take them back outside. I reckon birds will die of shock, so I let the cats have those, but the lizards will be ok. Skinks, that's what we call them.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

On another topic altogether, Margaret, did you ask me about a tulip pillow in the ANG Auction this week? Several Margarets read and comment on my blog so I am trying to find the right one so that I can send an additional photo to help her identify if the piece in the photo on Blog is hers. She didn't know it was in the auction.

If that was you, email me at and I'll send the photo along.

Jane/Chilly Hollow