Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More coif practice

I've never had such a hard time trying to decide what to do. Mermaid grotto or coif motifs? For now, the coif is winning since I have to hand it on to the next person at our meeting next week.
Here is the mounted linen with the pattern drawn on it.

I've done some more tests before actually working on the real thing. This one was to figure out which direction was best for the detatched buttonhole. I know that when you look at historical photos there is a preferred direction to some motifs, but for the coif we are being relaxed and letting people stitch in whatever direction works best for them, as long as the whole motif is the same. When it is being worn and people see it moving, they probably won't be able to tell which direction the stitching is going.
This is a motif from the demi-lune purse at Agecroft Hall. We have no idea what flower it is (any suggestions?) The yellow cup will not be the shades you see. The petals will be like those on the right. I'm not sure which bud colouring is best. Maybe we will use both.

Sorry this is in sideways but I'm too lazy to do it again. This is the borage, unfinished so far, that I was using for a colour test. You can see the lighter colours to the left in small squares. Comments indicate that people like the dark blue best, so we'll go with it. Now I need to decide the best way to do the center.

Here is the honeysuckle.

And here is the pansy. The colours are quite striking and I like the gold leaf veins.

So now I need to make up a book to give everyone guidance on each flower and the colourways. We'll do the goldwork last.

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Shirley said...

Margaret, your elizabethan embroidery is wonderful..Cant wait to try this style.