Monday, May 10, 2010

The Mermaid Is In Her Grotto

I had a lovely Mother's Day weekend, getting to do just what I wanted, so now I have my finished needlework to show you.

Here is the mermaid, with garnets in her hair and a rather fancy mirror.

Here she is in her grotto, but not quite done.

And here she is in the grotto with fish, shells and semi-precious stone chips. I am especially please with the freshwater pearl in the shell - that is a real shell from a family vacation that actually stayed joined.
I am very happy with how it has all turned out. And it was so much fun. For the final bits I was able to consult my own copy (as opposed to the university library copy which I have returned) of "English Embroidery in the Metropolitan Museum, 1580-1700:'Twixt Art and Nature". My DH got it for me for Mother's Day and found it online at list price still in the shrink wrap!! If, like me, you missed getting this book and now can only find it for over $100, you will appreciate the find. I was able to look through the pieces in the book that had water to decide what I wanted to do with the purl since the instructions gave a couple of suggestions for variations.
Now I have all the amazing leftover threads to hoard. I've always had a problem using my best threads for small or experimental things, and these threads need something really wonderful. So I have some thinking to do. In the meantime, I have a coif to work on and the president's challenge for my EGA chapter to start (and finish by our June meeting!).


SilkLover said...

She looks marvelous! It looks like it was a fun project. I have Twixt Art & Nature and pull it ou often. Great book.

Rachel said...

.. and all's right with the world!

Well done, it looks splendid!

Elmsley Rose said...


I can't wait to do the project. (heard it's being offered on-line next year by TThreads)

All those threads in the er, um. dunes. Hills?

Your mermaid came together really well :-)

Margaret said...

Those are rocks in the background. The piece is based on one in the Metropolitan Museum collection in the Twixt Art & Nature book, but it doesn't seem to be in the online collection. The book actually has 2 mirrors with grottos at the bottom - pools surrounded by rocks. One only has fish, the other has a mermaid and fish.

Thanks for the comments

MaryD said...

Gorgeous! Your inclusion of personal finds makes it even more meaningful. So...are you giving any thought to making up 4 more sides to cover a jewelry casket?

MarthaD said...

She looks just fabulous! I especially love the garnets in her hair. I just hope mine comes together half this well.

shirley said...

Margaret, I just love your mermaid, and the grotto. The silk wrapped purl gives a wonderful effect. I find the threads with sheen create the idea of wetness.
I would like to follow your blog, but cant seem to see where to do that.

Mandy said...

What an intricate piece. Thanks for blogging about all the stages you went through to complete the piece. It really helps to see it and appreciate the work that went into it.