Monday, April 30, 2012

Time Flies and the Coif Progresses!

Can you believe the progress on the coif!!!  Catherine Jordan, our chapter president and teacher and designer par excellence, has been working on the coif for the past few months and when I picked it up from her I was amazed.  I can't believe how wonderful it is looking.  Every new flower just makes it more beautiful, and the goldwork Catherine added enhances the whole thing.

I think I have posted a close up with the gold work before, but here it is again since I want to make sure you get a good look.  I'm wondering about adding some short gold straight stitches to the rose and carnation - I've seen some coifs with the extra gold and I'm wondering if that might not add that extra pop.  Let me know what you think?

My SIL at Kyrotime has been really busy.  This lovely dorm quilt arrived for DD the older. I just love the colour palate.  And yes, that is a Dr. Who poster in the background.  Extra points if you can name the episode.  I'm in charge of posting the photo since my daughter is in the throes of final papers and art work, and studying for final exams.

Stitching with Kittens has graciously given me a Leibster Blog award, for which I thank her very much.  I will give my blog suggestions next time I get a chance to do some posting.  This term I have Organizational Behaviour, which involves a big team project, and The Practice of Health Care, where I have to shadow a physician for half a day.  Great fun, but little time left for stitching, let alone blogging.

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elmsley rose said...

It's looking absolutely magnificent! You should all be highly congratulated :-)