Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Old WIP returns to the light

Although I am really enjoying my new job, I must admit that I am exhausted. I am used to getting up and puttering around the house for a while, picking up. doing a load of laundry, etc. then getting down to work at the computer. I was very lucky that a new job presented itself just as the at home computer job finished, but I have to get up earlier and get out of the house before everyone else. I still want to do needlework in the evenings, but I'm too tired to create anything, so I looked through my WIP kits and such and found an Irish stitch pocketbook that I had started a few years ago. It seemed perfect, but then I remembered why I stopped working on it - I couldn't count the threads. Well, since then I have been fitted with bifocals and I have a magnifier, so it turned out fine, except the first rows of stitching had to compensate for my old miscounts!!! But it is fine now and stitching up much quicker with the extra magnification. I have done another pocketbook, also an Examplarery design by Joanne Harvey, The Henry Row Pocketbook Kit.
I have one garden photo to show off, my first ever Lenten Rose. I have been trying to grow these without success for 10 years in NY and now here in VA for 2 years. When I first planted this one, the lovely man who does the mulch covered it up and I had to rescue it. It have finally recovered and this spring I have 1 flower - yes ONE. But I am still excited. I don't think I'll ever have a drift of Hellebore's like I see in English garden photos, but I got one to bloom.

By the way, if you like to be inspired by old botanical prints, try going to A Modern Herbal, an online version of a book by Mrs. M. Grieve, first published in 1931.

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