Saturday, March 17, 2007

TAST 11 Up and down buttonhole

I didn't get a chance to think of this week's TAST until yesterday and lucky for me Sharon posted about Elizabeth's 3 pronged up and down stitch. As I looked through Elizabeth's variations, I was taken with one that looked like a flower (what else) at the end of the next entry. Actually, all of her variations are wonderful. I am in awe of so much talent - be sure to check out Elizabeth's Quieter Moments blog.

So last night, I made sure I could actually do the up and down buttonhole with a row, then I tried the pattern, all with my favourite floss of the moment, DMC Colour variations. I love this pink/orange variation. I started on 25 count Dublin linen, a very early purchase which I've decided was a mistake, but I see some potential for pulled work with it. Then used a 35 count Belfast linen with the same count in the pattern and I think I like the design even better in the smaller form.

The big excitement this week was finally have the girls' hair cut for Locks of Love. It wasn't as traumatic as expected for them, but now they both look older so it is traumatic for me. But I'm proud of both of them.

Thanks to everyone who has posted comments recently. It is great to get feedback on the things I am doing and I value everyone's opinion.


Elizabeth said...

Margaret, thanks for all your kind references to my blog. I'm honored that you stitched one of those patterns. The thread you've used is lovely and it really looks great on the 35 count.

crazyQstitcher said...

Your Up and down buttonhold stitching if wonderful. It is amazing how such a straight stitch can look very curved. The pattern is lovely. Maureen

Vivian said...

Beautiful design on the up & down buttonhole.
And ... good for all of you for donating your hair!