Thursday, May 24, 2007

Needle felting for fun!

Last fall we went to the Fall Fiber Festival of Virginia and saw some wonderful needle felted figures. My daughters and I fell in love and one of them decided she wanted a needlefelting kit, so we bought one. But no instructions! So I looked and looked for the perfect book to get us started and then one day at a friends place I saw what we needed: Fleece Dog: A Little Bit of Magic Created With Raw Wool and a Special Needle by Nobuko Nagakubo. I couldn't get to the quilting shop where my friend purchased it (good thing because I would have bought lots of fabric) but I did order it online. And this is what I've done

The dogs my daughters have made are adorable but they are waiting for glass eyes - I was to impatient! When they have eyes I'll post photos.

Aside from the expected needle pricks to the fingers this was a surprisingly easy and fun project. Not outrageously expensive either. Now I'm thinking of other things I could felt. Luckily there are great things to view on the Internet like Mandy's felt and Dy's felt box

Along the same lines there is silk paper at Calidore but I'm getting ahead of myself. This weekend I'm devoting myself to a small pincushion and scissor fob for the art club teacher who has been so wonderful to take on my crazy tapestry idea. She now wants to do more stitching and is going to work on a stitch book! I'm such a bad influence.

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Donna said...

It's just adorable, Good job. I haven't tried it but I will some day.