Saturday, May 05, 2007

TAST 18 Woven or Whipped Wheel and finished knot garden cross stitch

For this week's TAST I combined weaving and whipping to make a knot garden - literally since I added a knot when I went around threads. I first did the black for paths, going under all the light brown base threads and knotting on the vertical and horizontal threads. Then I started with the green, making knots in a square for the boxwood edging in each quarter and weaving in between to give the idea of leaves for the roses. Then I went around with each pink making knots for the flowers. I am happy with this one except for my choice of path colour - I should have made it a dark brown. The green and pinks are DMC linen thread which I just purchased Thursday and had to try out. As you can see, I've gotten over the idea of saving threads for some important project! I really love the texture of the linen. I used 4 stands of the green and six of the pinks.

I was inspired first by the radially symmetrical pattern of the wheel, and I thought there was potential for multiple rows creating an interesting pattern. Then, as I finished off the knot garden from the Museum of Garden History below I thought a knot garden would be perfect. I did make an attempt at a more complex design but it was not to be, so I stuck with an easier plan.


corina said...

You have like two gardens here, I love all your flowers!

neki desu said...

oh this is so lush and joyful. springtime?:)
thanks for stopping by

neki desu

Christine said...

I'm glad to see you're a bit more disciplined than me, Margaret, VBG. You are doing some great explorations for TAST whereas I'm just reading along and doing very little. Hoping to get back on track soon, in the meanwhile I love sharing everyone's work through their blogs. Well done, you look like you're really enjoying the challenges.