Monday, May 05, 2008

Two great finishes!

My first woven article is done! I am pleased with how it turned out, but even more, I enjoyed the whole process thoroughly. I was so worried that after so many years of wanting to learn to weave, that I would be disappointed once I actually did it, but it is more fun than I anticipated. Just to watch the fabric grow each time I sat down to work was very gratifying. But it was also exciting to see the way the colours changed depending on what colour was in the next pic.

Here is the final hem stitch to my piece from a week and a half ago.

And here is the shawl blocked on the guest room floor. I still have to weave in a few ends, or at least trim the ends of the ends I wove in. I'll do that a little neater next time - although I won't have so many colour changes anyway. I also need to decide on the fringe. I alternate between a macrame like knotted trellis or adding some extra warp threads to fill out the fringe and make it short. Part of me thinks that a long, knotted fringe would fit with the modern sort of feel of the shawl, but then a short, full fringe would keep the focus on the weaving. Any thoughts?

Here is my other finish from last week. The Gilt Sylke Twist from Plimoth used to decorate a pre-made satin box. I'm keeping this because the spools of GST fit in perfectly.

It is quite interesting that Mary Corbet at Needle 'N Thread and
Carol Ann at Threads Across the Web also thought to do strawberries with the GST. There must be something about the gold bits that lend themselves to strawberries.

Finally, another garden photo - roses. Another bonus living in Virginia - roses in April. Mind you we have black spot by June, but what the heck.


coral-seas said...

Oh wow! Your strawberry looks great. I think it is that redde GST that just screams strawberry. Have you mentioned it on the Embroiderer's Story Forum. I just love seeing what every one is doing with this new thread.

Great weaving, yet another thing that I have always wanted to try but I can't imagine where I could put the loom!


Mandy said...

The weaving looks amazing! I think you should keep the fringe long - it will look so dramatic. A short fringe might not balance the rest of the piece.
The strawberries look interesting -I'd never have thought about adding the gold.
The rose is so pretty too. Which variety is it? Good luck with the Black Spot later - such a shame. In the UK we usually end up with mildew and greenfly!!! But oh, those gorgeous blooms.
Thanks for visiting my Blog.

jude said...

hey, i have just had a look at your blog. i love that you are weaving. i am originally a weaver too. thank you so much for the comment on mine. it is nice to meet you.

Margaret said...

Mandy, and any other rose person, the rose is Charles Aznavour, named after a French singer. I found lots more photos on a web site that I will be going back to: