Thursday, May 22, 2008

Weaving placemats - My second project

My enthusiasm for weaving has not diminished, in fact I keep coming up with new ideas for things I want to try. Between a trip to our local wool shop to drool over the various yarns I might try, to the book from my university library with all the patterns and ideas, I think I could get seriously involved in this.

So, here is what I've been doing this month, but forgetting to post. My warp is a green variegated thread (not sure which fibers since not everything is labelled). It is rougher than my last warp so was a bit picky to set up - and I made a major mistake but with help from Cherri I recovered and I now feel I really understand how to set things up. Not that I think I know everything, I don't think I'll ever know everything about weaving or needlework (or anything else for that matter).
The warp was measured to allow room for experiment, and the harnesses threaded for bird's eye patterns, so I started with a tan weft doing several patterns, but as you can see, they really didn't show up with the colour I used.
Then I tried white, which did show up much better, so I tested a couple of patterns and then chose what I would do. Cherri showed me a technique that puts a plainweave set in the base colour between the pattern set, which looked really nice (no photo) but it did make me realize that a whole placemat of the pattern with white would look washed out.
So I'm weaving plainweave ends and middles with the warp yarn, and three rows of pattern in white at each side of the placemat. I love the random plaid patterns that emerge with the plainweave.
What is really neat, and I'll try to get some photos tonight, is that one of the other students, Joy, used the same warp, but she is using novelty yarns, mainly in black, for her weft, to make pillows. It is a good lesson in how changes in colour can really change the woven look. And the eyelash yarn adds so much to the piece.
Tonight is my last night at the Arts Center for this session, and there are no month long summer sessions because of the children's summer camp. I'll be finishing my placemats tonight, but I won't be stopping my weaving. I plan on moving to one of Cherri's studios to continue learning more. In the meantime, I have a holiday weekend approaching and I must get to work on the President's Challenge for my EGA chapter. I'm making a CQ pillow for DD the younger who wants her favourite horse in the middle. DD the older drew the horse and I've been trying to stitch him. Even with a couple of photo in hand, and many years of watching DD the younger ride the horse, I still don't seem to have it quite right, although she likes him.
DD the older drew the same horse as a carousel horse for a poster contest for the county fair. You can see I'm a bit off! She also included the barn donkey pulling a cart, and the barn pig, and some of the other horses, including the foal we saw being born. She thought a smaller carousel horse would be nice. Mind you the horses are jumping around the fair grounds like a Mary Poppins movie, which is why you can't see the carousel.

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Elisabeth Braun said...

The weaving looks very interesting and I esp. like the thread painting. Will be watching to see the finish on that one.=)