Friday, May 01, 2009

Altered tin ta-da

I've finished the president's challenge for my embroidery group - early!  Somehow this past week I had a few quiet evenings (don't ask me how) so I glued the top and finished the inside pillow for my Elizabethan embroidery altered tin.

Here is the top, done mostly in silks and gilt silk twist.
Here is the inside.  As mentioned in the last post, I chose flowers based on a Shakespeare verse, so I stuck a copy inside the tin lid, using a lightened flower photo as background.  The bottom embroidery is made up as a very thin pillow to set the pin on, to keep it from sliding around.
And this is the finished rose pin.  I will be making another rose, in a different colour, although I don't know what that will be.  I'm going to take photos for those who are interested in the process, since I forgot this time, I was just so keen on seeing if it would work.

All in all, I'm very happy with how things turned out and I think it will be appreciated by the recipient. 

I still don't have a photo of the science fair project.  It hasn't come home yet and I couldn't get a good photo at the science fair.  But DD the younger seems to have explained it all well, despite her blase attitude going in, and received a 3rd place in the chemistry division.  Which I figure is good for somebody who says she hates science.  I was personally quite amused by all the 'specialty school parents' - a subset of soccer parents - who were trying to outdo each other with stories of applying for the various specialty schools offered in our county and state.  Neither of my girls was willing to give up horses in order to deal with the longer bus rides and mounds of homework - which I'm actually quite happy with since it means they have a life and I do too - because who do you think would have extra work driving and supervising and buying supplies?


Anonymous said...

the tin and rose are beautiful. I would be interested in seeing how you made it.

i find those type of parents amusing too, and the way they act horrified when i mention we are sending our kids to the state highschool - sort of like it is child abuse.

Elmsley Rose said...

oh! Such a lovely assemblage!!

Rissa said...

It looks amazing! Great job!!!