Thursday, July 23, 2009

Round Robin done and other fun things around the house

I actually have some stitching to show today. I finished my band on a Sampler Round Robin. It has really been wonderful getting a close look at the lovely work of everyone in the group. And it has been a great challenge to figure out the best design to add to each sampler. I used a pattern from one of my Hungarian books, but I used overdyed floss for the flowers to spice it up.
The curls fit with several of the other bands, which I would like to say was on purpose, but I didn't realize it until I actually stitched the band and had a good look at the whole thing.

My next project is a needle painted horse for the top of a small satin box I picked up at Michaels for $1. The last time I saw satin boxes at Michaels I only picked up one and they were all gone when I realized their potential and when back. This time I bought 3 green and 3 white. The horse will be cut out like stumpwork and stitched on a green one. DD the elder drew the horse so I thought I would get it photographed before I covered up her lovely design. I'm not sure if my stitching will do it justice.

This is a mosaic table top make by DD the elder. She did it at school year this year and finally got the table spray painted. It was a glass tabletop so it make a good base for the mosaic and it is very nice the way the light under the table warms the colour of the mosaic.

The spoils of a plastic horse convention - DD the younger went off to Breyerfest in Lexington, KY on a father-daughter trip. They had lots of fun, ate lots of junk food, went on two trail rides, and came home with lots of horse models. Now we have to add new shelves to her bedroom to fit these in.

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Mandy said...

The band robin looks superb. I look forward to seeing it close to. The strip you have added is lovely.