Monday, July 20, 2009

Telephoto at the Zoo

I love taking nature pictures but I often get comments about them from my family - usually "Where is the animal?" It is a longstanding joke and I keep trying. Well, thanks to a lovely Mother's Day gift I have a very nice Canon camera with two lenses - a regular zoom and a telephoto zoom. I've used the telephoto a little at horse shows so I know it is nice. But today was the true test. DD the elder and I went to the National Zoo and I finally have some nice close-ups of the animals.
I love orangutans. (be sure to click on the pictures and get the full screen view)
And gorillas - this baby was born in January and the mother seemed to know the best spot to hide her from the view of the zoo visitors. Of course babies won't sit still so she peeped out now and then to the delight of everyone.
While not terribly impressive, this panda was at the back of the enclosure so it really is good - usually I just get a black and white dot.
And the telephoto is great for zooming in on elephant parts, because you really don't need a zoom to get an elephant.
I love otters too!
Now, I think I need a macro lens for the flower close ups!

BTW while we were in DC we went to some other museums (how could we not) and we saw a small but excellent exhibit Picturing Words: The Power of Book Illustration and the link is to an excellent online version - better in some ways because you can sit and really drink in the illustrations. Of course it is wonderful to see the original. Just like seeing some of Alan Bean's original space paintings at the Air and Space Museum is exciting.


Anonymous said...

so where where all the animals in those pics? :) sorry i couldnt resist! great shots. btw thanks so much for the book and all the mags - i sent you an email but an earlier one to you was returned to me 'undelivered' so i thought I'd say thanks here too - just in case.

Rosi said...

Your photos are brilliant. I especially love the orangutan and the elephant.

Pat said...

Paula sent me, so pleased she did the close up are wonderful.

Magpie Sue said...

I'm also here from Paula's blog. Great job with the animal pix! My favorite of this batch has to be the close up of the elephant. There's just something about it...

Magpie Sue said...

Oh, and thanks for the link to the Picturing Words exhibit too!