Sunday, October 17, 2010

I can't believe how fast the summer went - and the fall!

Now that the DDs are old enough to be home alone during the day, I spent much of the summer working. But I also had family trips to Canada and West Virginia to fit in. And a wonderful visit with some old friends. Needless to say, that left little time for stitching. But, I did end up doing a piece that will be coming up in an issue of NeedleArts as a companion project to an article on our chapter coif project and an article on the embroidery in the Agecroft Hall collection. This is the mystery flower (shown back in March when I was testing colours). I still don't know what the flower is, but here it is stitched up using Gylt Silk Twist. Lots of fun.

The coif has been with a couple of other chapter members since June, but I will get it back this week to work up the motifs that have no instructions yet. That will be a fun project.

I've also just received confirmation that I will be in two fun classes at The Gathering of Embroiderers in February. I will be taking the two classes given by Tricia Wilson Nguyen - the lion and the floral lattice - the top two classes on this page. Just in time for working on the goldwork in the coif!


Rachel said...

How I envy you having the opportunity to take courses with Tricia!

Elmsley Rose said...

Hi! Just followed you from the comment you left in my blog.
Hello :-)
I'll be adding your blog to my list, and having a lovely read of your entries after my nap. All looks most interesting!

Elmsley Rose said...

oh! Of course I've been here before and already subscribed to your blog! I remember your Tudor Rose sepals.
(I have a memory Nothing like an elephant.)

Glad the wiki is useful.
Getting copyright permission to use some of those images is/was a painful practice.