Wednesday, February 09, 2011

New Family Toy

While in Williamsburg last week, there was talk of tools as well as fiber. One woman had a pair of magnifying glasses with lights at the temples that everyone was interested in. The other day while I was in the drug store, lo and behold, there they were. Foster Grants at that. I was laughed at by DD the younger when I wore them the other night, but last night the power went out and suddenly she wanted my glasses, as did her sister. And when DH saw them, well of course, there are several steps in violin making where he could use them. I may be going back to get a couple of more pairs.

The nice thing is, the light is at the white end of the spectrum so the colours look very good. The top photo is the light from the camera and the lower photo is just the light from the glasses. I'm very happy with my new tool.

BTW that is a Betsy Morgan needle roll sewing kit I did a few years ago.


Kelly said...

I already have a glasses fetish, now I may need yet another pair:)Lovely stitching in the needle roll.

Rachel said...

We saw them a little while ago and thought they looked a bit gimmicky, so it is rather interesting to know that they are actually useful.

The question is, do they have a replaceable battery, or do you have to hope that they are still being made when the battery that's in them runs out?

Margaret said...

Rachel: Each arm holds 2 watch batteries which can be changed. I think they are LED lights so the light bulbs don't need changing - at least the instructions only included how to change batteries.

eva said...

wow - those glasses look great - must check the stores up here -