Thursday, February 03, 2011

Stumpwork Lion Roundel Class

It was great to see so many familiar faces in class today as we listened to Tricia explain the new threads and stitches we needed for the stumpwork lion and the surrounding roundel. As always, the kit is like Christmas all over again, and the slides of pieces in various collections are inspiring.

It was also fun to hear all the stories of the Jacket Trip. I would be extremely envious since I really wanted to go but it was a bad time of year and I don't think my DH wanted me going to England without him; but since I didn't go, I was able to go to Italy with DH when he was invited to speak at a meeting Sicily held at the same time, and it was an exceptionally wonderful trip, so I'm not that envious. As it was, Tricia had lots of slides from the pieces they saw on the trip. Be on the lookout for a possible kit from Thistle Threads to support the V&A Museum textile collection, just like the snail from the glove in the Bath Costume Museum.

So here is a view of the kit from today. The square cream coloured paper is actually parchment! Real parchment! It turns out the roundels on stumpwork or on framed pieces are strips of parchment wrapped with silk or silk purl ( have I said before how I love that the purl coils seem alive - they really are neat and I have 8 boxes of various colours!)

As well as brown colours of purl, the other new thread is the silk gimp - the tan in the top of the photo below. It is a silk core wrapped tightly with silk and so it is heavy enough to be couched with rather than stitched. Tricia made some for the mermaid project last year, but this year it is actually in production and should be for sale soon. Get some if you can!!!

The gold is crinkle gilt strip that is used for the sun's rays and there is flat gilt strip for the sun itself. So much fun.
I went to Haus Tirol - The Stitching Well (see info below since they don't seem to have a web site) at lunch to get stitching frame since I forgot mine and I need it for tomorrow's and just happened to look around at the threads they had and while I did get some silk threads (how could I not) none had the heft of the silk gimp. It is really excellent for a nice couched border or for couched fill, as you will see with the lion.
BTW: the ladies at Haus Tirol are wonderful and they have a great stock of patterns and threads and so many colours of fabric I nearly swooned. Be sure to check out the shop if you are near the area - especially if you visit to see the costume exhibit that I'll report on when I visit on Saturday.

Here is Tricia's model for the class. As you can see, I have a long way to go since I've only put down some felt padding, done a tiny bit of outline, and started the grass (with a neat technique that involves a large paper clip).
I was reading Spinster Stitcher today and she mentioned a designer, Orna Willis, who encourages students to change and rethink her designs. Well, Tricia encourages us to try new things as we create her designs as well. We looked at at least a dozen lion heads in embroidery today and each time she said we could try it that way. The mane and face are going to be fun.

Haus Tirol: the Stitching Well: 1915 Pocahontas Trail Suite E6, Williamsburg, VA 23185. The winter hours are 10AM to 4:30PM Monday through Saturday, during the summer they may stay open a little later. The phone number is 757-220-0313 and the e-mail address is


Kelly said...

That class is better than Christmas! Enjoy. It is a beautiful project.

Rachel said...

The silk gimp is in the Glittering Snail kit Tricia designed to raise funds for the museum in Bath, and it's lovely stuff to use!