Sunday, February 18, 2007

Band RR second round

I am so excited to be a part of a Sampler Band Round Robin. I've never done any sort of RR (unless you count the names on the membership band for our EGA chapter) so I have been looking forward to starting with this group. This piece was started by ktj of Katie's New Place.
Usually I take quite a while to decide on things for non-kit projects. I went through multiple ideas for the two President's challenges I've done for my EGA chapter, so I expected the band sampler RR would be similar. But somehow it wasn't. There were multiple inspirations that all lead to this band. When it arrived we had just started planning a trip to England for the spring, and I was checking the growth of my outdoor bulbs every day, and I was working on a bookmark of London motifs for my daughter (in the post below). At the same time I've been reading a book on symbolism in art and I wanted to include some special things to give the band meaning. The British and garden themes led me to patterns from another bookmark I had finished that had medieval garden motifs. I did some modification of the motifs and used many of my new colour variation DMC flosses to create what I hope is a lovely spring garden that comes after the wintry first band of this sampler. There are bees/honey for sweetness and water for tranquility. I realize the pictorial aspects of band samplers are usually at the bottom, but think of this as a minor update.

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Susan said...

I didn't join this because it isn't the kind of thing I do, but it's definitely the kind of thing I can appreciate. You've done a beautiful job. Lucky Katie J!