Sunday, February 25, 2007

TAST 8 Fly Stitch and stumpwork

Other commitments kept me from TAST earlier this week, but that was fine because this morning I was able to surf around the blogs and get inspired. This week I was taken with the fly stitch wheel and kaleidoscope that Mary sketched and stitched and did my own starburst sort of design. I'm also learning about colour so I tried working on a monochromatic colour scheme.

I have used fly stitch in the past as leaf and stem parts of plants.

Finally, I have been working on my latest 3D flower. This one is going to be a fritillary

Luckily I had a pattern this time, from Jane Nicholas beetle book. She has hers done as regular stumpwork with 1 full petal and two partial petals sticking out from the fabric. But I did all the petals with the one pattern and used her suggested weaving pattern - and her suggested DMC colours. I 'm making two flowers on one stem so I drew all 12 petals on the same piece of fabric, but then I realized when I had the first six done that I had to see how the flower would look. I'm still working on the stamens, but I have cut out the petals and held them together and I think it will look good. Of course that wastes some material but I just had to cut them out!


corina said...

Your 3D flowers are so nice!

Liza said...

I've done a cyclamen plant like this. Worked well and it's the only cyclamen that doesn't die off in my house!
Will look stunning when finished.

crazyQstitcher said...

What fabulous work on the fritillaria
You have inspired me to try one. The finished one of yours is sooo good. Maureen

Margaret said...

Thanks everyone. I have been having fun experimenting with floss and wire. I'm working on my second fritillary but I'm making each petal a different step to photograph so it will hopefully be helpful when you decide to do one Maureen.

Alarttex said...

I like very much your work. Congratulations!!!
Maria del Valle