Friday, July 11, 2008

Another eyelet and some finished work

I started the stitch along with Algerian eyelet stitch and late last week I found another variation on Jenny's blog. It is called a single cross eyelet from Mary Fry's Pulled Work.
I think Jenny's have more threads around than mine do, but I like the floral look of these two.

Here is my big finish! The baby blanket is almost done, except for some hem stitching, which I must do soon since things are unraveling!
This is my mini-tapestry done. Rather meager but I do have a better feel for technique and where things can go wrong - lots of places actually! This will soon be a lavender sachet. I will be sending it to my MIL. It was going to be an ornament, from the Just CrossStitch ornament issue, but I didn't have it done for Christmas and I don't want to try to find (and pay for) the special holly leaf beads that were supposed to decorate the ornament. So it will be sewn up and sent of just plain. Don't be too impressed by the blackwork. The back is horrible but because the linen is dyed and I've used dark brown rather than black, the errant threads don't show. I have great respect now for those who can create perfect front and back blackwork!


MargB said...

That Algerian eye variation looks nice - I want to try that - thankyou. I love your blackwork - it looks fantastic.

Christine said...

I think the blackwork is pretty impressive,and that neat backs are very overrated, VBG. If I concentrate too much on keeping the back neat, it slows me down planning "the route" to stitch rather than the stitches on the right side, and I'm always less than satisfied with the result. Well done I say,

Cherri said...

I want to do some blackwork. This cat is very nice, as is your tapestry.
You're awesome!