Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Waiting for carpet

I realize that I should be doing something more substantial than a blog entry today, but I'm waiting for the crew to come and install the carpet so I don't feel that I can start something big since I'll have to unhook the computer when they come. I also have the excuse of needing to practice on our new computer.  I needed to upgrade for work and since my DH is a Mac person we went with this lovely new iMac.  What swayed the balance for me was the huge number of cables and the two pieces of computer hardware under the desk, as compared to the photos of this iMac on the website with just two cords!  Of course I have to learn a new operating system but I've used Macs before (our first computer back in the 80s was an Apple with a 5x7 screen) so it hasn't been bad.  I'm finding some things much easier, once I figure out where everything is.  My address book is another thing, but since I get to use the iTouch that we end up getting free once the rebate comes in, I figure I can live with that.On to something more substantial.  DH the older chose stained glass instead of jewellery making for art camp last week and this is her first attempt.  She made some really nice choices for the glass so there is lots of texture and movement.
With all the time I had to weave while the kids were at the arts center, I was able to finish my first linen runner.  I'll hemstitch then start on the next one, after leaving some length for fringe.

And their are some new additions to the family.  DD the older now has two crested geckos.  We went to a reptile show, which was fascinating, and she finally decided on these two, about 3 and 4 months old.  This is the older gecko - we think it might be female.
This is the younger one.  It has a really nice flame pattern along the back.
They hide for much of the day but their tongues are so neat it is lots of fun to watch when they do come out and so far the cricket colony has not been noisy!

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Anonymous said...

that stained glass looks great - and a first attempt, even better. I love the little geckos - so cute