Wednesday, July 30, 2008

White or red background?

The carpet is in, the computer is back up and I'm getting used to the new keyboard and operating system.  I was able to finish up some ornaments I'm making as samples for a Christmas in August program I'm helping to teach for my EGA chapter.  But I need some opinions on the backing for this stocking.  I've used the needle card blank from Tokens & Trifles but used my own designs and a couple of other motifs from various ornaments.  I can't decide if this should have white or red backing.  What do you think?

I also need an opinion on this piece.  It is weighing me down.  I charted out some motifs from the ballroom rug in the Governor's Palace in Colonial Williamsburg.   Somehow I slightly miscalculated so the ribbon that joins the motifs doesn't fit.  I'm also tired of the cross-stitch and colours and I now hate the light blue linen I purchased for the ground fabric - this was going to be a pillow by the way.  But I love the center motif.  So I'm considering cutting things up for crazy quilting.  What do you think?

By the way, this is the other ornament for the class.  This is actually the shape we are using in class but not the chart.  I used the blank chart on the web site to take another chart and adapt it to this shape - again just to show the group how it could be done.
Finally, another Tokens & Trifles project.  I've just written an article about this one (and other tins like it).  I call it a Mini-Memory Tin.  It is an Altoids tin decorated up - in this case as a vacation memory with pink sand and shells inside.  I'm really pleased with the top design.
Off to attend the wedding I fixed the dress up for.  I'm hoping West Virginia is cooler than Virginia or I will be a puddle of sweat at the end of things!


Paula Hewitt said...

do tell us all about the wedding!

katiejayinpa said...

oh Margaret, perhaps you could lay aside that wonderful cross stitched
piece for a while and then take it out again.....later.........vgb-much later maybe....

or, you could count some of the spaces and add partial motifs in the there....

is there something that says the whole thing must be done in cross stitch?- perhaps some tent stitch or other stitches would work .

If you really hate that linen after leaving it alone, would it be impossible to do bargello work around the designs....isn;t bargello sort of quick?

Anyway, as beautiful as the motifs would be in your crazy quilting, i hate to see you give up on the piece.