Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I Couldn't Wait

How many of you knew I wouldn't wait until Wednesday to try out the Plimoth Jacket stitching? Well, you were right. Despite the silk calling me, I sensibly decided to try out the stitches and especially the shapes first with some perle cotton. So top left, detached buttonhole with reverse chain outline. Middle is trellis stitch on a backstitch outline. The worm is Ceylon stitch, very, very fun. The circle is spiral trellis which was a blast and the line is knot stitch which took a few stitches to get into. There is one more thing, and outline with detached buttonhole needlelace that I will try tomorrow. I am very happy I tested things first since all but the detached buttonhole and backstitch outline were new to me. It really helped to get the feel of the tension and size of the stitches. I can hardly wait to try it all with linen.
In case you are missed my original mention of the blog about this jacket, here is a link to the first post on The Embroiderer's Story blog that has a picture of the jacket.


katiejayinpa said...

Margaret, thank you so much for your lovely comments. I have to say that what you are doing on your blog(the needlework that I see) is just great and i am excited for you and excited for me to be able to see it.....i think the stitching sample you are doing for that jacket is just great and makes me want to try all those stitches out. Plus of course i really like the color thread you are using. The worm and the spiral circle are my favorires!

By the way, now that you are starting to do some more free surface stitching ...you might like to know that you can buy spools of Pearl Crown rayon and use that as a fairly nice weight stitching thread...so much cheaper by the spool!

crazyQstitcher said...

Such neat work. Spiral trellis is not a stitch I've heard of and must look it up.

I look forward to seeing more work on the jacket.