Monday, June 18, 2007

Stumpwork project done!

Back at TAST22 Satin Stitch I showed a leaf and some petals that I was working on for a new stumpwork project. It all started out with my trying to figure out what I could do with Altoid tins, other than a tiny sewing kit, since I've become very fond of the chocolate coated Altoids and have a few tins lying around. I came up with the idea of making a book, sort of. The outside shown above is supposed to look a bit like a book, complete with gilt page edges. Instead of pages inside, I have put a stumpwork Virginia rose.

In my new spirit of creating for art's sake, this piece has no purpose and will not be a gift. I am just going to enjoy it.

I would love to hear from others who have done stitched things with Altoid tins (since I have more). I did do an online search and found all sorts of things, but most weren't stitched and I really don't want an Altoid tin mouse for my computer or an Altoid tin wallet! I am also interested in how you stick things to the tin. I have used double sided tape and some Heat n' Bond for my projects so far because I hate liquid glue.


Lizzie said...

Bee-yoo-tiful! Well done, Margaret!

Stumpwork rules, OK!=)

Needlewoman said...

I have not finished anything on an altoid tin but I have recieved a couple of pieces in exchanges -- in most cases, a motif is stitched to fit the top of the tin, a piece of cardboard or plastic canvas is cut to fit the tin top to serve as a base, and some type of lining or padding is placed between the needlework and the base. The needlework is attached to the base -- this can be done by lacing across the back -- then the whole thing glued to the top of the tin and surrounded by cording. One of my favorite gifts was finished by gluing felt inside the tin to hold needles and pins. Hopefully this makes sense -- Jenny