Tuesday, January 16, 2007

First CQ block

After contemplating crazy quilting for quite a while, I finally did something. It is interesting that while I can go off without a pattern while doing embroidery, I just couldn't bring myself to cut fabric without a pattern. So thanks to ktj, The Stitching Post founder, I received some patterns I could print out and here it is, my first block. Now, of course, I need to embroider it. I know there will be a dragon appliqued to the center, but after that I'm not sure. I'll need to check my stash of metallic threads I think, to keep up the magical night theme. Any helpful hints at this point, before I make a mess of things, would be great.

Speaking of ktj, her chain stitch piece is fantastic! The colours and patterns and the way everything swirls together is just a delight - be sure to see it.

Katie's New Place: 01 13 07-Stitch Practice Chain stitch


Anonymous said...

This is just a great block! Wonderful choice of fabrics and values within the color you have chosen....see how that shiny fabric sparkles! I am so so excited that you are trying this!

Mandy said...

Those colours are just fantastic. I love he way you have added some sparkly fabric. This will look so wonderful when you have started the embellishment.
You won't make a mess of this, your stitching is always of such super quality!
I look forward to watching this develop.