Thursday, January 18, 2007

TAST 3 Chain stitch part 1

This is part one because I haven't yet finished my attempts at stitching something new but I wanted to show how I've used chain stitch in the past for building a garden. These are close-ups from the Chawton Cottage garden I showed in my first blog post. In the photo below, the pink dahlias are pink chain stitch, gradually changing sizes and overlapping to form a many layered flower. Orange chain stitch is used from some marigolds, and the small pink flowers, impatiens, have chain stitch leaves as do the greyish green lamb's ears next to them.

In the photo below, chain stitch is used in the lazy daisy style to make the red geranium flowers but then the stitch is reversed so tacked end is in the center for the blue flowers, browallia ( from Window Gardens in Bloom by Margaret Vant Erve)

The leaves on the climbing rose below are chain stitch done with two shade of flower thread.

Every leaf on this tree is a chain stitch and I layered them with branches to try and make something somewhat realistic looking. I used overdyed silk - one of my favourite threads.

I guess in embroidery, you can't make a garden without chain stitch.

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Dy said...

Oh my, I love your garden!!