Sunday, January 21, 2007

TAST 3 Chain stitch part 2

This is a roundel from one of Jane Nicholas' books. I love the swirling lines and thought it would be fund to do it all with chain stitch and a few variations. I thought it would be nice to do an actual picture for practice now and then, rather than just rows of stitches.

As an update on my tulip, post below, after sleeping on it, I decided that I would keep it for myself and do a whole mini- bouquet and make another tulip for my mother. Thanks to everyone here and on Stitching Post for the comments. Christine suggested using floral parafilm or really stretching the floral tape, so I'm going to work on getting the stem right on the second tulip and future flowers. Some people were quite understanding about me obsessing about the stem. Usually I am happy with what I do but every once and a while, something just gets me and I can't think of the whole picture. At least now I have an excuse and some ideas to try again, and again...

Christine is from Australia so I have no idea if I can get floral parafilm here. I know about regular parafilm for using in laboratories. Many years ago, about 20, I used to wait around for my husband as he finished experiments for his PhD, and I would make mini parafilm sculptures after balling up a square and warming it up to make it pliable. If people can make duct tape sculptures, why not parafilm!

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Susan said...

Your ribbon stitches look like fun. I like the way you turned the corner with them. I also enjoyed looking at the chain stitch in the message below. That's a very pretty motif.