Monday, January 29, 2007

Guilt and a new flower

Kate left me the comment that she laughed at my guilt about using ribbon because she had guilt without being Hungarian or Jewish. I have this theory that there are different types of guilt that could maybe be different nationalities of guilt, I'll have to do some research.

I learned the never use the new/good stuff yourself guilt from my grandmother - actually my Namama, my childish corruption of the Hungarian for grandmother. When I was in university I lived with Namama and one year I decided to get her a new bathrobe for Christmas. She was using a ratty old thing that my mother had made at least 25 years before in high school home ec class. The terry loops were worn off in many places and it couldn't have been very comfortable. So I purchased a beautiful new butter-coloured terry robe for her. Of course she wouldn't wear it. It sat around for 2 years then she gave it to me. Well, I graduated, moved out, did my Master's, got married, and moved out of the country. Then she came to visit. By that time, the butter-coloured robe was my old, back-up robe. Namama didn't want to pack her bathrobe and so she asked to borrow one, so I lent her the old robe. Believe it or not, and I'm sure you will, she decided she now like it and took it home with her and used it until she died 10 years later! So you must admit that I learned self denial guilt from a master.

I'm getting better though because as mentioned before, I'm keeping my stumpwork tulip instead of giving it away, and now I've made some forget-me-nots. It was quite a challenge to get the flowers so small and figure out what to do with the stems. I wrapped most of the wire stems, but for the extra flowers, I purchased some 32 gauge covered florist's wire (it was only $1.29 for a whole spool so there was no guilt).

I tried first with some detached chain stitch, but the flower was too big, although I think I'll use it later for some other technique.


celeste said...

You did a beautiful job with the forget-me-nots. I knew you would! Celeste

Anonymous said...

wonderful..ho9w small are they? and i loved your post about the bathrobe...
i think maybe your grandma is a little like me??? that bathrobe your mom made her probably had so much meaning that it became unthinkable not to have it....and as well with the bathrobe you gave her and she gave you back..once you had worn it and it had properly been now has meaning that it didn;t have when new. Just my take of


Margaret said...

I'm sure my Namama was sentimental but there are so many other things, like new nightgowns, that she would never use that I know the guilt was there. Actually, my mother read that I was keeping the flower I made for her and was happy that I was learning to do things for myself since she also can't make or buy anything unless it is for somebody else. It seems I've broken the cycle - at least a little.